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Lafayette County Schools Reverting to Hybrid Schedule

The Lafayette County School District will revert to the hybrid schedule used at the beginning of the school year due to increased case and quarantined numbers from COVID-19.

Beginning on Tuesday, all seventh through 12th grade students will be returning to alternating days in person throughout the week. Two groups will be established as the Red and Gold teams, similar to the beginning of the year.

The original hybrid schedule ended on September 4th. Superintendent Dr. Adam Pugh said, “our numbers are skyrocketing.”

The district reported 17 new positive cases of the coronavirus from November 2 through November 8.

Students whose last names start with A through L will make up the Red Team and report to school on Mondays and Tuesdays. Students whose last names start with M through Z will be on the Gold Team and go to school on Thursdays and Fridays. Every student will learn virtually on Wednesdays.

The majority of cases reside at the high school level; therefore, the elementary school will remain on the normal schedule.

This hybrid schedule will stay in place until the Thanksgiving break. The district will reevaluate for the rest of the semester at this point.

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