Several Arrested after Undercover Human Trafficking Operation

Six men have been arrested for supplying prostitutes after a joint undercover investigation took place in north Mississippi.

The Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics, Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office, Oxford Police Department, and Mississippi Bureau of Investigation all cooperated in the operation.

Attorney General Lynn Fitch issued a statement on the successful operation.

Human trafficking is a destructive crime that diminishes the value of human life. My office will continue to work with private and public federal, state, and local partners, including our partners at MBI, to hold those who engage in this modern slavery accountable to the fullest extent of the law and seek justice for those who are its victims.”

The list of those charged can be found below.

Michael Keenum, 53 (procuring prostitution)

Tarus Hervey, 30 (procuring prostitution and resisting arrest)

Roy Thompson, 54 (procuring prostitution)

Kenneth Gurley, 53 (procuring prostitution)

Jason Carothers, 43 (procuring prostitution)

James Moore, 42 (procuring prostitution)

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